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Research Center For Artificial Intelligence (RCAI), is an initiative towards, creating research based environment, producing professional and high quality engineers in the field of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT), and creating ways to step in the field of innovative and cost effective product design.

The team has worked on variety of IoT related projects i.e., Smart irrigation & Agricultural systems for water resource management and preserving food quality, Smart home solution for efficient energy management and security purposes, Automatic secure entrance system by exploiting RCAI technology, smart health care system for monitoring oxygen concentration and heart rate of patients, and many others project related to different technologies like satellite communication, Speech processing, and Image processing.

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Current Projects

Fully automated and intelligent irrigation control system..
Can be controlled remotely by web interface and easy to use hand held gadget to preserves fresh water  
Game based Project...
Used laser technology and opto-electronics   can also be used for army, police training purposes  
The main objective of this program is to create awareness among the national universities about space science and technology.
embedded system 
Wind Sonic Meter is an IoT enabled 2D-type Ultrasonic Anemometer which calculates wind speed, wind direction and wind gust and sends the calculated readings on the cloud from where weather predictions can be performed.

IoT Projects

control all home appliances
IoT technology 
IoT application for controlling devices 

Artficial Intelligence (AI) Projects

This Project will automate irrigation system using Artificial Intelligence
AI and Machine learning 
Weather monitoring usind Artificial Intelligence and machine learning without any human intervention  

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Firmware Tools

MPLAB is a proprietary freeware integrated development environment for the development of embedded applications on PIC and dsPIC microcontrollers.
CCS is an integrated development environment (IDE) that supports TI's Microcontroller and Embedded Processors portfolio.
Android Studio, the official IDE for Android, features powerful code editing with advanced code-completion and refactoring.
EAGLE's easy-to-use schematic editor allows you to create an easy-to-read representation of your electronics design with zero complexity.


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