3D Printing, also known as the Third Industrial Revolution is the future trend in manufacturing. It is revolutionizing the way we produce almost everything. Through a layer-by-layer deposition process, it can produce complex shapes with automated precision. Food industry, fashion industry, education sector, industrial sector, corporate sector, all is affected by this revolution.

Hundreds of new food places, fast food companies, and ice cream parlors are emerging in the world, which are using modern techniques with conventional foods. They are gaining popularity at a rate never before seen. The world is getting equipped with innovative food places. Ice cream, the most popular frozen dessert, is getting new heights in prices based on its shape, texture and taste, as its demand is increasing due to global warming and heat waves.

People are bringing customizable aesthetic multi material finishing and innovation in shapes and composition of many daily life products. Because the shape and composition of a product directly affects the psychological impression and creates an environment where objects add vividness to a message or thinking. These new products, pretty much serve as our regular daily life products, but with a new exciting impact of structural amazingness, and a new level of user friendliness.

Our Vision

“We look forward to the future where entrepreneurs shape the world. The impact of entrepreneurship can be best realized when entrepreneurial innovations penetrate into each and every aspect of a common person’s life. Our company might bring up the entrepreneurial revolution among common people to a new level. A world where entrepreneurship is fighting unemployment, bringing comfort to people, helping students to learn and adding new excitements to the happy moments of people’s lives, that’s the world we look forward to.”

What we are doing?

We have started our company, with the name of CINDET.

CINDET is going to make 3D printed end products and will give them to customers. From 3D printed food and 3D printed ice cream to 3D printed educational models, accessory items and much more. We will introduce a 3D printed version of almost every selling item in the market. Our most recent innovation is that we have made the world’s second 3D printer for ice cream, the first one being at the MIT. It can be used to make many sorts of foods as well. We have also worked on FDM printers (conventional 3D printers) to make objects from plastic (PLA, ABS etc). We will create 3D printed bones for study and demonstration purposes, keychains, smart phone accessories, computer accessories, luxury hotel items, domestic items and any new item whose demand comes up in the market.

The world’s first market level ice cream 3D printer, Pakistan’s first food printer, and Pakistan’s first 3D printed consumer products manufacturing, all this is just the beginning of the revolution we’re trying to bring.

Ice Cream 3D Printing

Ice cream is the thing that drives every individual crazy. With so much being achieved with the help of 3D printing starting from printing of plastic, wood, gold (jewelry), sugar, chocolates, cookies, pancakes reaching to the heights of building fully functional shopping malls! One might think that there is no reason for Ice cream to stay behind in this additive manufacturing race. But it’s a fact, not a single product has been in the market place until now which could actually 3D print ice cream in your desired shape and size.

The main reason for this is the structure of ice cream. Neither a solid nor a liquid, an ice cream is actually quite a complex and multi-faceted configuration which melts slowly at the room temperature. Other than this, 3D printing anything requires a drive mechanism which keeps driving the raw material towards the nozzle of the extruder and a layer-by-layer deposition is what makes it a real 3d object.

Other the fact that ice cream printing would give birth to customizable ice creams in all shapes available to all people, the motivation of Ice cream printing was driven from the fact that some students at the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) tried to 3D print ice cream but weren’t quite successful in doing so as far as the texture and temperature maintenance of ice cream was concerned. Their failure gave birth to a never ending motivation which was to make possible successful 3D printing of ice cream.

This project is to make a multi flavor 3D Printer for ice cream. It will have containers, each for a different flavor. A drive mechanism will drive ice cream from the containers to the 3D printing chamber, and a 3D printing machine will deposit it with automated precision. It will create subsequent layers of ice cream resulting in a 3D object. Every part of this machine will be running in a refrigerated environment.

Ice cream is a very delicate material from a 3D printing perspective. A lot of research was conducted for this to work. And after a whole year of research, we have finally come up with a solution to make this possible. The expected implementation time is 4 months, and many resources are required for a complete market compatible product package.

After various tests, we at NED were able to extrude and 3D printed ice cream of better quality than the MIT. The shape of ice cream although was not better, it’s the next step.

Food Printing

The 3D printing of food is a growing process of food making over recent years, and its applications are yet to expand. 3D printing within the food industry has paved the way for designers to combine their knowledge of 3D digital design with food to produce shapes, tastes, textures and forms that are otherwise found too challenging to be created manually by hand; the most important thing, all whilst still being edible.

This process of manufacturing could also prove to be a healthy alternative to the trend of getting processed and pre made food from the market which is a great substitute for people helping them lead healthier lives. Proteins from algae and beet leaves could be transformed to edible products. The application’s importance could be anticipated by the fact that even NASA is making use of this method to find methods to 3D print Pizzas in outer space. A 3D food printer is actually a mini manufacturing plant in our kitchens which has no restriction of dyes which could produce in only limited shapes.

Plastic 3D Printing

We are developing our own state of the art desktop manufacturing facility. Several products were prototyped with this setup.

We offer a wide range of products, from educational anatomical models, home décor, accessories, gadgets, artistic models, keychains, kitchen utilities, toys, prosthetics, sculptures, tools, DIY, robotics, fashion and much more.

We have collaborated and successfully delivered our first order to the High Performance Computational Center (HPCC) at NED University, led by Dr. Muhammad Ali Ismail . Their feedback was splendid, and we’ll continue to provide further products to the center onwards.

dept picture
3D Printer
dept picture
made by our printer
dept picture

dept picture
another printer

dept picture
Extruder mechanisms for ice cream

dept picture
Different ice cream printer shapes

dept picture
NED's 3D Printed Ice Cream

dept picture
3D Printing with Nutella

dept picture
3D Printing with Chocolate

dept picture
successfully delivered our first order to HPCC


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