Preserving water resources to improve local farmers living

Farooq and his family live in a rural area not far from Karachi in the southern Pakistan. The living conditions of people there are poor and there are few jobs for such people. They rely on the agriculture so we may call them the farmers or the landowners of small areas but they don’t make enough to enjoy much blessings of the society as we do.

In recent years, these people have been suffering greatly by the lack of rain in their rural areas since they mostly rely on rain to fulfill the water requirement of their fields and they don’t have a good supporting system to preserve the water for a long time. This is a major problem not just with Farooq but with all the farmers there & it made worst impact not just on their living but on the economy of our country since Pakistan is considered as an agricultural country and more than 50% of economy depends directly on these rural areas & their growth. Due to less water resources, farmers are forced to reduce the production and they are bound to limit their cultivation area.

Last year, we came in contact with Farooq through Mehran University authorities as they were investigating for the water resource management issues in the agricultural areas of Pakistan. So we were there as collaborating partners to look into the matter & propose a solution if possible. As we talked with Farooq & other people there we learned that there was an opportunity for us to provide them with a feasible solution to save their water resources and use them in the best way to grow more crops and make a happy living along with providing their country a strong economy by giving more supplies of crops to the local market and reduce the cost of daily consumer products as well.

On the way back after meeting with Farooq, we were motivated to solve this issue by making a solution at our R&D lab named Research Center for Artificial Intelligence RCAI. This is an institution working under the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Khurram, associate professor at NEDUET to promote research work in Pakistan & provide the nation with cost effective & indigenous solutions to the local problems.

So after working day & night for several months we have made a solution to locally monitor the water resources and water requirements in the actual fields area to give the exact required amount of water to the fields and save as much water resources of water as possible. This system will be deployed in the fields and the farmers will be able to understand the water requirements of fields so that he may save each and every drop of his water resources by watering only those areas of fields where required and he will be very much likely to produce more crops now.

Farooq is telling about farm

Farm Land

Project to save water

When Farooq heard this, he looked so glad that he will be able to save water resources and produce more crops on his fields and his financial problems will be sorted out. He welcomed our idea and demanded us to provide him with this solution as soon as possible. We are giving this to him as a gift without charging a penny but we will need more resources to implement this idea at large & make enormous impact on the livings of our farmers as well as on the economy of our beloved country.

We are encouraged to do more for our people and we are trying but together with your support, we can certainly make a tremendous difference.

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