Story Of ARMEZ

Our vision was to take a final year project that does not end up in department library files only. We wanted to make something of product quality that actually reaches an end user. There was a time when we were quite confused about the selection of an appropriate Final Year Project. The idea was proposed by our mentor Dr. Khurram, and we immediately found it exciting and knew this could be made commercially viable. Both in terms of gaming and civil defence trainings, we thought this idea has the potential to fulfil market needs

Our project provides near to real combat shooting game environment giving an opportunity to individuals to practice and strategize tactics, become proactive and defensive. It also envisions to change the way people respond to gaming as an activity in the form of an engaging and brilliantly put together live action sport. Along with gaming, our higher aim is to address country’s current terror situation by providing civil defense trainings through these gadgets and bring back country’s NCC memories.

Of course the start of any idea comes along with some challenges to face but Alhamdullilah our team ARMEZ managed to overcome every obstacle in our way. Speaking about difficulties, the first challenge we came across was to achieve a desired range which we managed to accomplish after numerous efforts. Hardware designing and mechanical fittings were a tough job to do along with transforming a basic project into a well-defined product was a milestone to achieve.

After making our first version of product, we did small scale production of 10 sets of our equipment. Then we held demo session to show our customers how the game feels like. That demo session initiated our deal with Arena and we were able to satisfy them with their demands. We have successfully deployed and tested our equipment in Arena where the game will be launched shortly.

The deal with Arena is a jump start for us. The indicators are positive that we have created market need and that our product is commercially viable. There is no stopping us now, we have amazing plans for our gaming enthusiasts to bring the fun to them they have never had before in their lives.

We feel motivated than ever but at the same time feel a lot of responsibility on our shoulders. Many people, students, juniors, are looking towards us. We have achieved amazingly well in short period of time yet we know there is a long way to go.

Startups are demanding. They require you to work more than job hours, take risks, deal with uncertainties. Only passion can beat all these and take you to heights. We understand all these things and have still committed ourselves to it. We will go in all directions, through all difficulties in order to make it self-sustainable. Because Pakistan needs job creators and we will not leave such an opportunity half-way.

Motivational Statement by ARMEZ

Nothing should stop you from doing what you want to do. Don’t make gender your excuse (for girls) or not having done Cambridge education from private university should be your barrier. Don’t blame Pakistan for having no opportunities, don’t wait for the government either.

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