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RFID based access control system aims towards the development of an automatic vehicle entrance system. The project is divided into different phases including parking system, student access control and the automation of student attendance management system.


RFID stands for Radio frequency identification which is basically an automatic identification method. The data stored on RFID tags can be retrieved remotely. RFID tags can be incorporated into systems for identification of a person or any other product. The information of a person or product is tracked using radio waves. RFID technology basically aims to replace the barcode readers and magnetic strip and provides efficient working of a system.


Security is the basic need in today's era and for better administration, it is basically the main concern in universities and other educational institutes as well. With the increase number of vehicles, it becomes difficult for security guards to keep track of each vehicle entering into the University. An automated vehicle entrance system is the basic need. Manual record keeping needs time. This project will not only save the time but it will increase the accuracy as well.


The project will provide an optimized solution for an efficient parking control system. The project is focused on using Raspberry-pi module for enabling efficient computation along with enhanced camera and Wi-Fi support. As an added feature a camera support would also be a part of the final hardware module to capture images of vehicle and the driver for security and surveillance reasons.

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