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This project focuses on using the technology of wireless sensor networks in irrigation systems to introduce the concept of Precision Farming in Pakistan. This project has been funded by DAAD - Germany under German-Pakistani Research Collaboration Program and will be jointly executed by KFRL (Koshish Foundation Research Lab) and DFKI (Deutsche Forschungszentrum Fur Kunstliche Intelligenz), German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. 


The wireless sensor network consists of several sensor nodes also called motes that will be densely deployed in an irrigation field. These nodes will operate autonomously and will automatically control the water pumps. The motes will create a mesh network to transmit sensory data to the gateway or coordinator node which will then transfer data to the base station via GSM technology.


An efficient low cost, low power wireless sensor node (mote) will be designed. The mote will primarily consist of a microcontroller, an RF transceiver, a long life battery and a set of specific sensors. The wireless sensor node will provide an optimized solution since we are using SoC (with embedded RF core) instead of a simple microcontroller. Also the SoC selected (cc2650) offers several power saving modes to ensure long battery life.Various sensors will be connected via serial bus. The energy harvesting circuit of the mote will be connected to mini solar panels to charge batteries when required.


Watering crops is the most essential part of an irrigation system. Modern farming practices recommend installation of proper irrigation system as optimized solution forguaranteed water saving. These can be sprinkler or drip irrigation systems. The installed irrigation system will be controlled by generated commands from the base station. Decision making will be performed for regulation of environmental and application specific conditions as modeled previously in accordance with the requirements. In this phase, integrated system will be delivered as the project outcome with automated water valves and actuators. The functioning of these automated valves will be controlled on the basis of gathered data to automate watering around the field through installed sprinklers or drip irrigation system.

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