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The project aims to make warehouses a safer place to work by preventing accidents and injuries caused by automated machinery or carrier vehicles. Two gadgets have been developed for this to accomplish this feat. Vehicle device refers to the gadget which will be mounted on the vehicle or machinery.  This device is powered directly by the vehicle's power supply and is not battery operated. The device waits in receiver mode listening to ranging requests initiated by the Worker's Device (to be defined below), once the request has been received range is computed on vehicle's device and if it is less than the configured critical range (programmable via USB) the device sounds a buzzer and generates a voltage signal which can be used to bring the vehicle to a halt.  


Workers device refers to the gadget can be placed inside the workers vest or mounted on jacket. This device is battery powered. Under non-emergency circumstances the device listens to long range radio requests from fellow workers and if such a request is received it periodically sounds a buzzer along with flashing an LED. Once the emergency rope is pulled, the device immediately sends out a ranging initialization request to Vehicle device, turns off the long range radio receiver and starts sending a help message over long range radio to other worker devices so that other works may be alerted of the situation and can come to help.

Worker device includes features; it starts ranging immediately Once the emergency rope is pulled, it can alert workers within 200 meter radius by sending a message. It is battery operated, with long battery life.Vehicle device includes features; It continuously monitors for alerts by workers, the ranging device can bring any hazardous machinery to halt – within 5ms, range can be reconfigurable via USB connection, it includes a buzzer to alert the operator about emergency.

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