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Deafness, a loss in the ability to hear, can be caused by many reasons with old age being the most prominent one. The task of getting the attention of an old person suffering from partial or total deafness could be very difficult depending on the surroundings. The purpose of this project is to solve that problem and assist both the hearing impaired and their caretakers.


• The device record the sound in a way similar to the human ear by the use of an array of mics.
• Using several different AI algorithms the data from the mic array will be improved to get a better quality signal.
• This improved signal will then be matched with a trained dataset to detect whether the signal contains the pertinent words.
• If the desired content was found in the signal, a vibration will be produced by the device which will alert its user.


This project provides an effective solution to old age homes and any other place which involves taking care of the hearing impaired. Existing solutions in the form of hearing aids do solve this problem to some extent but they have drawbacks of their own. These devices don’t handle noise well and can result into problems like whistling. These devices are also useless for those who have lost their hearing completely. They can create discomfort for the user, are expensive and usually require high maintenance. The final product of this project will attempt to solve all above mentioned issues. Several speech processing techniques are employed to solve this problem but if the person is far away or the environment is extremely noisy, most of these methods fail. One solution to this problem is the use of an array of mics which can enhance the signal quality to some extent. The purpose of this project is to explore different digital signal processing and artificial intelligence algorithms to find a low cost solution which can exploit the mic array to the maximum and perform speech recognition on a signal with low SNR (Signal to Noise ratio). The outcome of this research can be used to solve the problem mentioned above and several others like voice controlled machinery deployed in factories full of noise or home automation systems.

Worker device includes features; it starts ranging immediately Once the emergency rope is pulled, it can alert workers within 200 meter radius by sending a message. It is battery operated, with long battery life.Vehicle device includes features; It continuously monitors for alerts by workers, the ranging device can bring any hazardous machinery to halt – within 5ms, range can be reconfigurable via USB connection, it includes a buzzer to alert the operator about emergency.

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