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The main purpose of this project is to automate the agriculture sectore in our country and save water from being wasted.


The control module is responsible for all automation specific tasks. The operations and activities of control module wholly depends upon the remote monitoring module The control node is responsible for the activation of particular scheduling of watering the plant on users event driven commands and this feature is initiated or enabled by the remote user through mobile app and web application. The associated nodes with these functionalities of module are called "Control Nodes" which contributes controlling and scheduling of different activities like timely watering using actuators and sprinklers, automatic timely activation of sleep and active modes of node. The major functionalities of control node include. It is responsible for opening and closing of valves at main water supply resources and pipelines. They will trigger the mechanism of turning off and on lights in the field, pumps, sprinklers etc. Control node also keeps track of water usage.  


WSN introduces new capabilities for measurement and control applications. The power of wireless sensor networks lies in the ability to deploy large numbers of tiny nodes that assemble and configure themselves. Remote monitoring via WSNs offers crucial data analysis opportunities and provides user with comfort of distant data visualization for future intensive care of the fields. The main functionalities are defined below: 
• Gather raw form of data from gauges and sensors (water flow sensors, humidity sensors etc.). 
• It keeps track of status of pumping equipment, irrigation valves and maintains a history log. 
• Live monitoring and analysis of field parameters and ongoing operations on the land under cultivation via web application and Mobile App.


The outcome of this project is fully automated and intelligent irrigation control system that can be controlled remotely by web interface and easy to use hand held gadget to preserves fresh water. This system is powered by solar panels to reduce energy costs. This not only saves water, but also reduces costs for the field owner.

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