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The main purpose of this project is to automate the agriculture sectore in our country and save water from being wasted.


Smart Parking is a smart city system helping drivers to find a parking spot quicker and allowing cities to manage their parking spaces more efficiently. This smart parking system informs drivers where to find vacant parking spaces via smart phones or electronic street panels. Traffic density in the city centers is, therefore, reduced after Smart Parking System has been deployed, helping to create a greener city. Smart parking also allows the city to monitor and manage the parking bays 24/7, obtaining real-time occupancy. Once installed, this technology can translate to significant extra revenues for the city through the increase in occupancy and manageable parking system in open areas. Smart Parking is a highly scalable solution and it is proven to facilitate truly large-scale city deployments.  


• Reduced circling, leading to savings in time and fuel
• Less overall congestion and general improvement in quality of life Local Business Benefits
• Ease of parking, resulting in greater customer footfall
• Ability to generate targeted offers and promotions for citizens, based on parking data
• Improved traffic flow, less congestion, and better mobility and living conditions
• Additional revenue through increased capture rates and pricing changes powered by analytics
• Higher enforcement-officer productivity, ultimately leading to smarter policing with smaller workforce
• Increased success rate in parking ticket disputes
• Optimal environmental impact with lower carbon emissions
• Greater efficiency of traffic monitoring and improved planning, driving better return on investment and savings


Parking can be a challenging issue, especially in urban areas where 30 percent of all traffic congestion is caused by drivers circling to find a space. Add to that the amount of time wasted and the limited data available to guide motorists decision making, and its easy to see why they get frustrated. Cities are also losing out. Aside from the damaging environmental effects, they often lose revenue due to inadequate meter enforcement and no-parking, standing, and loading zone violations. Income for shops and local businesses is also heavily affected by the availability of parking.

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