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IoT is a fast-growing field and it is bringing a lot of changes in human life to make our lives easier. IoT device also provide a lot of useful data which can be analyzed to understand the mother nature and to perform different kind of predictions. Wind Sonic Meter is an IoT enabled 2D-type Ultrasonic Anemometer which calculates wind speed, wind direction and wind gust and sends the calculated readings on the cloud from where weather predictions can be performed. It provides real-time wind data which can be visualized on android app ‘ThingsView’ or on webpage.


The designed Wind Sonic Meter is also cost-effective because of the chosen components such as Wi-Fi Module, GSM, HC-SR04 and ATmega-328. Two different versions of wind sonic meter were deployed at top of Computer Information and Systems Engineering Department, NED UET. Data from testbed deployment were compared and calibrated by NRG-40H commercially accepted mechanical anemometer deployed at top of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department, NED UET and satisfactory results were obtained.  

Research paper

Research paper on initial version titled as “A cost-effective solution for IoT enabled Ultrasonic Anemometer Sensor Design” is already accepted and presented in 1 st International Conference on Innovations in Computer Science and Software Engineering iCONICS’16 taken place at NED UET.

Won 1st prize

Wind Sonic Meter also won the 1 st prize in CACHE’16 NED UET and 2 nd prize in “All Pakistan DICE Automotive Competition”. Team is working hard to commercialize the designed meter and produce funding’s for its Research Center.

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