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                 Remote Controlling
                 PINS Model view
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As power is increasing with the decrement in cost of mobile devices a variety of various kind of interesting location based mobile applications have been developed. We are going to have an interesting future of location based applications lies in unified global localization including outdoor as well as indoor localization. It could lead to new interesting business models like indoor advertising and discounts, location based remote monitoring, help in emergency rescue services or just enable us to play a life size version of the Pac-Man game in our offices. With increasing battery life, processor speed and number and type of sensors in today’s smartphones, it is becoming easier to solve this problem and deploy a low cost scalable solution across the world. This project takes a similar approach to solve the problem of indoor localization by improving upon and combining existing technologies for indoor localization to give more accurate results. The applications of PINS Positioning and Indoor Navigation System will provide a facility to visualize the surrounding on the screen as well as the options to the place you can move inside indoor environment for example inside some specific building or shopping mall or some hospitals etc. with a navigation arrow for guidance. Furthermore this application will provide many services like you can send alert messages, ask for help, select any tag or delete it from screen etc. There will also be an admin who can monitor the whole environment and can see reports generated by the software applications for the records.


The project aims to develop a system which could monitor the position of moving objects (could be human beings or any other nonliving things like cars) and display their position in an application to monitor or to navigate for both purposes and give high accuracy of 1-2 meter  

  • To make a system which should be flexible enough and easily deployable to the large and small environment, also the system should be infinitely scalable.
  • To make such indoor positioning system which will give accuracy of tag’s position of about 1-2 meters.
  • To make indoor positioning system easy affordable to organization, by avoiding high amount of costly infrastructure.
  • To make such system containing easy institutive steps for the deployment and also speed to market.

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