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Millions of people across the world with disabilities cannot benefit fully from a traditional education program because their disability impairs their ability to get education as normal people. AIDEE will provide aid to the hearing loss people in order to get education. The aim of this project is to promote education among the people suffering from hearing loss.


AIDEE is an assertive robot equipped with Artificial Intelligence, capable of speech recognition and synthesis in English language, it can be in the form of a miniature humanoid robot and wearable device. Gadget attached to the hand of impaired person will give haptic feedback as an alert and it will change language to visual output on the terminal. It works by using IBM Bluemix cloud which is based on Artificial Intelligence and thus has ability to learn and provide an efficient environment for education of people with hearing disability. Though AIDEE is in its prototype stage, but could revolutionize the prospects of education for millions of hearing impaired people. It will act as interpreter between a deaf and speaker that will provide visual representation on screen. AIDEE can help to educate the hearing impaired people efficiently by developing their capacity for independent learning and addressing learning needs in most comprehensive way providing suitable format and adaptation of description. This technology has the potential to improve the quality of life for those suffering from hearing loss or deafness. This product can further utilize in many other aspects like in restaurants for ordering food, as interpreter between two different language speakers, as intelligent robot to answer your queries intelligently, as information desk officer in corporate offices etc.  

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