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The goal of the Citi-Pulse Project is to make a Mega Portal to provide visualization of the urban common problems over maps. These interactive detailed maps will provide statistics related to diseases, traffic congestion diseases, traffic congestion, crime, health, environment, people crowd, social surveys and demographics. and will collect data. This huge amount of data will be used by government and related organizations. Main Focused Areas of CITIPULSE Portal:
01.People Management.
02.Safety and Security.
03.Traffic Management.
04.Environment Monitoring.

Secure App

The Secure App is the ultimate solution for all organizations deeply concern about forgery of their products. The organizations will have to print a certain logo on their packaging. The logo is undetectable by human eye and is un-copyable. Using our trademarked authentication service, a company/user will need to only scan the product packaging with his/her mobile to verify if the product is genuine or not. You don't need to message any code to anyone for verification. You will only be required to scan the product with our App and will get the instant response about the product authenticity. We believe that this product will be the first of its kind and it will revolutionize the world and solve the problem of the forged documents.

Traffic Management Projects

Traffic congestion is one of the major problems faced by the citizens of Karachi. The main focus of the Smart City Lab in RCAI is to avoid traffic congestion. The team is working on scientific techniques to make an effective traffic management system. For the successful implementation of the plan, the team has developed modules for vehicle detection, classification and number plate detection.

  1. a. Vehicle detection and Classification
  2. b. Number plate detection

IoT System

State of the art system that is used for any industrial purpose, for monitoring and control

The engineers at RCAI has developed the IOT devices that can be used for general purpose in industry. We are providing cost effective solution, an IoT device with software for visualization. Companies can monitor their modules and increase performance.

Smart Irrigation

Smart Irrigation System is the latest IOT technology which is helpful and leads to ease of farming. The engineers at the Smart City Lab has developed the IOT devices that can be used to make the products cost efficient and improve its performance. Approximately, 70 % of the water withdrawn from various fresh water sources is used for agricultural activities and better irrigation practices need to be followed using latest information and communication technologies using sensor controlled solar powered drip and irrigation methods to optimize the water usage.