Aqua - Agro Smart Irrigation System

Pakistan is an agricultural country generating 26% of its GDP from agriculture. Pakistan also has the 5th largest population in the world. Both of these factors place immense pressure on freshwater resources; since good agricultural production depends upon an ample supply of fresh water and it is a basic human necessity. Flood irrigation is the commonly followed irrigation method by farmers, which not only causes excess water usage but produces low crop yield. RCAI, understands the impact of quickly depleting freshwater resources and the careless wastage due to traditional irrigation methods used by farmers. To solve this problem, Internet of things (IoT) solutions based on real-time farm sensor data and intelligent decision support systems have led to many smart farming solutions, thus saving irrigation water.

RCAI, proposes the smart irrigation system to revolutionize farming and irrigation methods in Pakistan. The smart irrigation system is a device that can be deployed at the field; it keeps track of weather and soil parameters 24/7 with the help of sensors and notifies the farmer when it is best to water the crops. Our system is successfully operating at a Lemon Orchard in Mirpurkhas; it has saved approximately 50% irrigation with a 30% increase in yield. The smart irrigation system shows promising results and can be used on a variety of crops including mango, bitter gourds, papaya, wheat, and cotton.

Aqua agro increases yield by 30% while using 50% of irrigation water consumed conventionally. A good harvest ensures a good export and consequently reduces the poverty of farmers. Revenues generated through export assure a better quality of life for the farmer-- good health and well-being along with zero hunger. While the system saves water, it educates the farmers and citizens to responsibly consume the natural resources to reserve them for other generations to come. Currently, RCAI is seeking partners and collaborators whose goal is to preserve the natural resources in Pakistan while excelling economically.