Intelligent Hearing Assistant

Do you know how blessed we are in terms of physical and mental health? Over 5% of the world's population suffers from hearing disabilities. Then why not pave the way for those who are in dire need of help? RCAI brought a solution for the people suffering from hearing disability who require a tool for automated communication. Our Intelligent Hearing System potentially improves the quality of life by providing aid to hearing-loss people by enabling them to communicate independently. It aims to promote education among the suffering people. It can be beneficial in different scenarios like ordering food in restaurants, as an interpreter between various language speakers, and in offices. This system comprises a robot equipped with Artificial Intelligence and capable of speech recognition. It can be in the form of a miniature humanoid robot and wearable device.

The Intelligent hearing assistant is specially designed to look after and communicate with people suffering from hearing disabilities. It can also help in taking care of patients and senior citizens. This system can also be applied in educational settings for deaf children. The RCAI has indigenously developed this system in Pakistan; it is affordable and not a burden on the economy. Currently, RCAI is seeking partners and collaborators whose goal is to innovate automation and provide solutions through AI while excelling economically.