Positioning & Indoor Navigation system (PINS)

What if we could use Google maps inside buildings too? What if there is a system that can pinpoint every person’s location inside a building? RCAI proposes the idea of PlNS to provide the ability for observing and displaying the position of moving objects. These objects could be anything; from a human to a fast­ moving car. The system is able to display their position accurately within 1-2 meter. PINS can also visualize the surroundings on the screen as well as offers the options to navigate through an indoor environment for example inside a shopping mall or hospital etc. Furthermore this application will provide many services like send alert messages, ask for help, select any object (tag) or delete it from screen etc. There will also be an admin who can monitor the whole environment and can see reports generated by the software application.

PINS has application in daily life as well as in industrial applications. PINS can be used for patients or senior citizens to check on their health and well-being regularly. By using PINS, workers' locations and their responsibilities can be tracked. PINS is an innovation for the industry as it can be used to ensure a decent work environment and efficiency of workers. The system ensures responsible consumption and production of resources in a work environment when everything can be monitored in a work setting. Currently, RCAI is looking for collaborators whose goal is to increase workplace efficiency through AI and IoT.