Smart RFID-Parking

Are you one of those who think it is tough to organize and manage your stuff? Or who always remains in a hurry to reach somewhere meeting a deadline? So the team of RCAI brings an optimal solution to mimic the traffic congestion due to parking spaces that is 30% in urban areas. It allows the city to monitor and manage the parking areas 24/7. The drivers search parking spaces and waste around one million barrels of oil a day. It will decrease driving time, thus lowering the number of daily vehicle emissions. It can also generate targeted offers and promotions for citizens based on parking data.

With Smart RFID parking, the search for parking spaces becomes affordable as less fuel is burned. With innovation in traffic analysis and parking space management infrastructure, time and fuel are saved in parking; the citizens can focus on their work and increase their productivity. Also, less fuel burned leads to less air pollution, thus contributing to the environmental sustainability in the cities. Currently, RCAI is seeking partners and collaborators whose goal is to innovate automation and provide solutions through AI while excelling economically.