User engagement prediction on social media platform using machine learning and deep learning

The communication gap in a professional setting often results in low productivity and less efficiency of an organization. In this modern era, people are more vocal and open about their opinions on social media than in a professional environment. In this research, psychiatrists along with the research team made a closed group on Facebook. This social media platform has been chosen due to its popularity among common people. Research has been carried out in this closed group where users’ behavior has been monitored concerning the specifically curated content. The behavior analysis has been categorized based on post-engagement and their future actions done by the user/employees. This research aims to determine the outreach of a specific type of Facebook post using different parameters through Deep Learning (DL) algorithms.

This study aims to ensure the good mental health and well-being of employees in a workplace. By applying psychological techniques keeping the posted data in mind, the study concluded that the efficiency of employees increased and the work environment became much better. The results of this study are applicable in different industrial settings to increase the turnover and have satisfied employees. Currently, RCAI is seeking collaborators whose goal is to develop innovative solutions nationally.