Wind Sonic Meter

Do you know anemometers play a vital role in many applications such as weather stations, ship navigation, aviation, weather buoys, and wind turbines? Anemometer is an ordinary weather station instrument used for measuring wind speed. So, what's the purpose of using an ultrasonic anemometer when several mechanical anemometers measure wind direction and speed? The answer is simple, mechanical anemometers have a disadvantage of size, their dependency on physical motion, and in case of turbulence in the wind, they give poor readings. They usually work using a propeller that calculates the wind speed and a tail (vane) that moves along the wind. Ultrasonic sensors used in our design are hc-sr04 and Arduino UNO for necessary processing. Therefore, the RCAI team modified the ultrasonic sensor by separating its transmitter and receiver and placed them opposite to one another with a proper line of sight so that it can measure distance directly. After modification, successful communication between transmitter and receiver took place with high accuracy. The wind sonic meter is an innovation in the aviation industry where it can be used to accurately and effectively measure the wind speed. Currently RCAI is seeking partners and collaborators to deploy these in aircrafts for further testing and accuracy.