AI Proctor

The RCAI team brings an ultimate solution to fulfill the need of monitoring during Online learning sessions with 99% accuracy. AI Proctor provides powerful automated time tracking capabilities. The AI proctor delivers fully-automated identity verification plus data recording. The recorded proctoring data includes video, ongoing activity and desktop screenshots which will be available on the integrity review page for instructors for self-review. The Advantages of AI Proctor is that It can detect any type of cheating, minimizes the chances of faking identities to get third-party assistance, Screen sharing to another computer would be prohibited during online exams with a good time tracking tool where the freelancers and contractors have concrete proof of time spent when billing clients, employees will be held accountable for their output each day. Monitoring features of an AI Proctor has strict privacy controls to ensure the security of your employees’ information as our product gives complete access to the buyer and detailed reports to keep track of all the activities of your staff.

AI proctor ensures quality education when students try their best to pass the exams on their own merits. AI Proctor can also increase employee productivity when there is a constant monitor on all of their activities. It guarantees an effective work environment and consequently economic growth. It also ensures responsible consumption and production of resources in the workplace or an institution. RCAI is seeking educational institutions or offices as partners to deploy AI Proctor on their systems.