5th - 9th July 2021

Autonomous Vehicle training session (in collaboration with AI Club)

Smart City Lab of the National Center for Artificial Intelligence(NCAI) in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence Club(AI Club), is organizing an AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE Training session that would span across the entire "AIC WEEK" event.

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29th May 2021

Introduction to ROS - Robot Operating System (Online 8 weeks workshop)

This workshop is formulated to kick start from absolute basics and build up the knowledge base all the way to intermediate-advanced ROS utility.

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2nd Jan 2021

IoT for Smart Cities - One month Certified hands-on workshop held every Saturday.

Smart City lab, brings IOT for Smart Cities which is one Month certificate online hands-on workshop held every Saturday.

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23rd Sep 2019

Health and Safety

A workshop on "Health and Safety" was conducted by Bariya Faizan, Business Development Manager. The workshop was organized to provide employees with health and safety information to create a safe and secure workplace.

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12th Aug 2018

HiFive Boards (in collaboration with IEEE NED SB)

Successful workshop conducted on HiFive Boards by Research Assistant Muhammad Zunair and team under supervision of Dr. Muhammad Khurram. Great learning experience for the students on state of the art technology.

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1st August 2018

NED Career Guidance

Dr. Khurram and team addressing students (grade 7 and above) on why the NED Career Guidance program initiative was taken by NED university and why it is important for students to attend. The event is especially helpful for students applying for university admissions but we have also opened it for grade 7 and above.

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12th July 17

2nd Pak German workshop on smart irrigation (SIR’17)

The workshop will introduce participants to the existing field of machine learning and artificial intelligence in agriculture sector of Pakistan.

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29th May 2017

Social Integration Outreach Program

A large fraction of our population is school going and is expected to be in the mainstream of the economy within the next ten to fifteen years. If this resource is properly equipped and trained well, it will be able to deal with the challenges in the future.

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24th - 25th Dec 2016

Document Image Analysis Hands-on experience with commercial Perspective

RCAI at CIS Dept in collaboration with German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence is organizing a ground breaking workshop on Document Image Analysis.

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11th - 12th May 2016

1st Pak-German Workshop on Smart Irrigation (SIR’16)

This workshop has been organized to bring together researchers and scientist engaged in the field of smart irrigation and provide a forum for discussion and presenting new methods and results.

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8th April 2016

Aghaaz (in collaboration with IEEE NED SB)

Want to know how to start a business? IEEE NED SB is giving you a chance to attend a certified workshop on "Engineering to Entrepreneurship". Interact with the renowned and experienced Speakers from Pakistan's best Business Institute "IBA".

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December 2015

Start your IoT Journey

Create Your Own IoT Device. This Specialization covers embedded systems, the Arduino environment and building devices that can sense and control the physical world. In this workshop, you’ll learn the skills of designing, building, and testing a microcontroller-based embedded system that connects to the Internet, Cloud and Your Mobile Phone.

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8th Aug 2015

ZigBee Protocol & XB S2 Radio Module

This workshop introduces BigZee Protocol, XBee S2 and XCTU. Configuration of XBee S2 module. Discussion on basic networking concepts and how to create Star and Mesh newtworks using API mode.

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8th June 2015

Embedded System

One week workshop free of cost on Embedded System starting from 8th June 2015 for CIS students.

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