Smart Solutions for Smart Society

"We begin to change the world when we stimulate long-term prosperity using technology. There is not a problem that's large enough that innovation and entrepreneurship can't solve." -Naveen Jain

Today, the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology influences every aspect of daily life. For that purpose, educational institutes must play a vital role in building, adapting, and providing a platform for training and serving required technical solutions to society. NED is one of the prestigious and well-known institutions of Pakistan with international recognition. The goal of NED is to impart knowledge and skills to the new generation via establishing different research centers in various departments. The journey of the Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (RCAI) started in 2014 as Koshish Foundation Research Lab (KFRL) under the umbrella of NED University to promote AI solutions. RCAI aims to provide consultancy and encourage new researchers to bring creative ideas to society. It aims to test and deploy on-demand technical solutions in the industrial sector in collaboration with government-funded projects. The research team has proven its worth over some time and won funding grants from the government of Pakistan as well as the International collaborators (DAAD under the German & Pakistan Research program).

Our Vision

Innovate, Invent, Serve & Sustain

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