Green Area App/ Tree Tracker App

Pakistan, besides being an agricultural country, is a forest-poor country. According to WWF, only 6% of Pakistan's total area is covered with forests. The climatic reason is that Pakistan’s land is mostly arid or semi-arid; but other than that, the major reasons are deforestation. In cities, the situation worsens more due to urbanization as trees are cut down to clear space for construction projects. In this situation it is the duty of every citizen to play their part in planting trees for a sustainable environment. The tree tracker app is one such effort of RCAI for creating a healthy environment inside the cities.

The Green area app aims to achieve environmental sustainability in urban areas. By using this app, citizens learn about their surroundings and what they can do against climate change. The citizens will be able to give something back to nature by planting more trees. Green tree app, with the help of citizens and collaborators, plans to make the environment of cities healthy and pleasing to the eyes.