Patient Monitoring System

The RCAI team designed an innovative, reliable and cost-efficient oxygen gas pressure monitoring device that is equipped with all the state of the art sensors required to monitor gas levels. It starts by vigilantly monitoring the oxygen gas levels in the cylinder or tank; it keeps collecting data and makes decisions accordingly. When the pressure of gas drops to a certain level, it triggers the system to send an alarm email or SMS so that the tank is refilled immediately. The device allows remotely monitoring the oxygen gas levels on a web platform thus the vendors can schedule the tank refill timings. With the help of hardware telemetry systems, the device is reconfigurable and can auto update itself whenever new updates are made available by the team, a phenomenon also called “Over-The-Air Programming”. Additionally, the IoT based device ensures personal, process and environmental safety by avoiding run outs and overspills. Finally, since this device is an IoT-based device, it's a combination of hardware and software. Hardware involves designing and implementing the circuit as well as the body of the device.

The system ensures good health and wellbeing of patients by accurate and timely diagnosis of Cerebral Tuberculosis. The system is indigenously developed and ensures economic growth and development in the medical equipment industry in Pakistan. Currently RCAI is seeking collaborators whose goal is to nationally develop innovative solutions.