Plant Disease Detection

The RCAI team developed a Deep learning based plant disease detection app. It has a simple interface for the farmer to upload pictures of the leaf. Currently the system is capable of working on 14 most common crops e.g. tomato , potato , grape etc. Among the 14 crops, the system is able Identify 26 main kinds of diseases.Eg : Potato late Blight, Grape Black Esca etc. This allows a farmer to react quickly and prevent further crop damage.

This app guarantees health and well-being of plants by accurate and timely detection of diseases. A rapid and automated test ensures a good harvest and, consequently, good economy. The accurate detection helps in flourishing the plant medicine industries in Pakistan and a responsible production and consumption of resources. This app can also be used by citizens in cities to take care of their plants and trees for a sustainable environment in the urban areas. The RCAI is seeking partnerships and collaborators to further develop this project.