Secure App

Do you ever wonder while taking medicine if it's fake or not? Is the pill you just swallowed to get better could make you worse? If yes, then to date in Pakistan, there is no way to assure the authenticity of the medicine or any product one takes. RCAI realizes the margin criminals have to produce fake clothing brands, consumable items, and most importantly, medicine. Hence, we propose the Secure App. Secure App can easily detect fake products by scanning their logos. To use it, one just has to download the app, open it and scan the product's logo to test its authenticity. Every authentic product will have a special logo developed by our researchers on the packaging. When someone scans the logo on any original product, the Secure App will mark it real.

Secure App guarantees good health and well-being of consumers as the products are authenticated. It ensures economic growth and sustenance as the fake products are easily detected and stopped from being purchased. It is an innovation in the product development industry disjointing valid from counterfeit products. The RCAI is seeking collaborators and partners whose goal is to contribute to developing solutions.