Visual Positioning System

To align the virtual and the physical world, the RCAI team developed a Visual Positioning System. Karachi is a thickly populated city so these VPS can be used to solve the major problems of our city. There is no proper waste management and traffic management in the city. The VPS can help in traffic management. By using the VPS, the user can quickly find location on the screen with the best route to reach from one part of the city to another, the management board can locate the areas more easily that need to be cleaned, people can reach the hospital easily and find the location of various departments of the hospital on the screen. Through VPS one can easily understand the direction just by looking at the screen because of the visual display. The Smart Positioning System can help in managing the activities of the city more easily. It can also help in the planning process.

VPS is the solution by RCAI for sustainable traffic management. VPS ensures the well-being of the drivers when they don’t have to waste time in congested traffic. It is a project that innovates the industry and moves the city towards a sustainable future. Currently RCAI is seeking collaborators to further extend this project.