WSN Deployment For Water Resource Management

Water is a blessing bestowed on earth for the benefit of people. Efficient utilization is the most common issue everywhere. RCAI developed an intelligent solution for the Irrigation and Agricultural system of Pakistan. It is rich in features, easy to use, and monitor. Customers can use it to monitor plants, track environmental conditions, perform some actuation based on defined thresholds, and other related stuff. It includes a variety of sensors for monitoring different environmental and field parameters i.e., ambient temperature, underground temperature, humidity, soil moisture, light, and water flow sensor. The proposed kit gets powered through a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery topped up with integrated solar panels and a heat exhaustion unit to prevent overheating.

WSN conserves the use of the most important natural resource--water. It ensures the responsible consumption and production of natural resources along with the options to monitor and control the flow according to weather or soil conditions. By saving water and having a good harvest, farmers won’t suffer from poverty and hunger. RCAI is looking for enthusiastic farmers driven towards preserving natural resources to deploy WSN on their farms.