Weed Bot

Cotton is a natural crop, and it is one of the world’s expanding textile industries. This industry yearly gives at least $600 billion worldwide. 60% of Pakistan's overseas earnings occupy the production of cotton products. Many types of pests and viruses attack cotton crops. These viruses are present mainly in the weeds. These weeds are found along the roads, water channels, and field banks. Weed management is very much important to save our cotton crops as well as the quality of the cotton crops. The research team of RCAI developed autonomous weed detection with the help of automatic remote-controlled cars to manage weeds. This vehicle is equipped with vision sensors and can achieve efficient weed management. An intelligent decision support system based on potential algorithms of AI and ML serves the purpose. The Pakistan Vision 2025 also focuses on adopting modern farming techniques and emphasizes training the farmers using new methods for cultivation at minimum investment cost.

The weed bot guarantees good health and the well-being of different crops by removing weeds from them. Removing weeds involves engaging manual labor repeatedly and is prone to human errors. Deploying weed bots on farms assures a good harvest due to maintaining plant health, consequently leading to economic excellence. The weed bot opens the door for innovation in the agricultural industry. Presently, RCAI is developing this research-based project with collaboration from Germany.